West Coast Alums and Friends

Calling all our LA-area Tecumseh Family! Doug Knight will be out in the area visiting with some camper families and looks forward to meeting some alums and friends! ALL are invited to join Doug on Saturday, December 10th from 6-9pm in Santa Monica. The gathering will be at: 31 Ten Lounge (http://www.31tenlounge.com/). Come have some food and drink and hear about what’s happening at Camp Tecumseh! Please RSVP and/or questions to Paul Colistra at pcolistra@camptecumseh.net.


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our rearview mirrors, the Season of Giving is now upon us here on #GivingTuesday! What better way to celebrate #GivingTuesday than to support a young man’s opportuynity to attend Camp Tecumseh?! All gifts go toward the Blue-Gray Fund, which supports scholarships for campers each summer.

All online gifts made today, 11/29/16, up to $5,000 will be matched! Make a $100 gift online, that gift turns to $200! Make a gift and help us make our $10,000 goal. You can also partipate by mailing a check to the below address and that will be counted toward the goal, but not eligible for the match.

Click here to make your gift today!2016-gt-logo-wdate1

975 Moultonborough Neck Rd.
Moultonborough, NH 03254

Checks can be made out to: Camp Tecumseh

Blue-Gray Fund – Last Call for Support

THE BLUE-GRAY FUND provides financial aid and scholarship assistance to qualified and deserving camper families. Each year, Camp Tecumseh seeks contributions to its annual Blue-Gray Fund campaign which enables dozens of campers to have the experience of a lifetime that a summer at Camp Tecumseh brings. The 2016 campaign ends September 30th, so make your gift today! You can donate online here or mail your gift to the below address. Don’t remember if you already donated this year? You can email Paul Colistra pcolistra@camptecumseh.net to find out.  

975 Moultonborough Neck Rd.
Moultonborough, NH 03254

Checks can be made out to: Camp Tecumseh

Alumni Work Weekend Wrap-Up

The 6th Annual Alumni Work Weekend may of been the finest to date! Was it the perfect weather? The 40+ alums and a few sons? Was it the BBQ feast at the waterfront? Was it the camaraderie of alums and staff? Was it the Al Piper Hamstring Softball Classic? All of these make-up this classic Tecumseh weekend, and as was noted throughout the weekend, many ask themselves “why have I not been doing this all along?”

Here’s a quick wrap-up. Attendance is listed below. Stand out project was the painting of the hitting wall up at the top of the hill (look at that job!). MVP went to Matt Mayock. Matt is an AWW stalwart. From his first-arrival status, to his commentary of the Al Piper Hamstring Softball Classic, to his workhorse mentality on the woodchip crew – Matt is everything you could ask for of a participant – works hard, shows up on time, good for a laugh, and gets things done when you arent looking. The LeastVP went to Jim Lamb. Now, take this the right way. The LVP is not about a lack of know-how, or interest, or energy, or strength – its simply the guy that just kind of really never owned any single project all weekend. Jim dabbled here, he dabbled there, but you never really knew what Jim was actually doing at any given moment. Newcomer went to Bill Neff. Bill drove up with Matt Mayock, so we knew he got 8 hours of inspirational talk, and he delivered the goods upon arrival. Quite simply, Bill would of wheedwhacked your leg if you got in his way. Are there any weeds left on campus…at all? Special shout-out in the newcomer award goes to Kevin KDOC Dougherty, who in typical Kev form, swam 3 islands, ran 5 high noons, lifted weights (in the re-furbed weight room, btw), AND, worked on the standout project of the weekend, the hitting wall – way to bring the heat Kev.

No award, but, the spirit of this weekend is quite simply found in the friendship between Peter Stanley and Richie Allman. For all AWW alums, you get it, because you’ve seen it. These guys show up every year early, sleep in a senior tent (their own little palace), work on projects (when they aren’t golfing), and do it all while barefoot the whole time! They introduce themselves as best friends and to see them in action it’s undeniable. The spirit of the weekend – the camaraderie, the spirit of service, the friendship, the love for Camp – Richie and Peter model that for all to see and it’s a very special thing.

All whom attend are worth of mention. It’s a truly special thing to see bonds created as grown people over this weekend, just as they are while Campers at Camp. Thank you to all that attended, and keep coming! Those whom always attend and had to miss, we will see you next year!

A HUGE thank you to Director Doug Knight and his staff for allowing us to roam free all weekend. Doug and his team are in great shape and are already into another fantastic summer. Camp is in trusty hand, that’s for sure!

Until next year…

In Attendance:

Bill Roberts
Jim Dougherty
Kevin Dougherty
Brett Miller
Toebe Hinckle
Peter Stanley
Rich Allman
Laurence Saul
Bill Knight
Dan Hinckle
Steve Stulb
Keith Cohen
Jim Lamb
Dan Leibovitz
Tucker Levy
Matt Mayock
Bill Neff
Bill Stabert
Bill Hamilton
EJ McQuade
Eric Compton
Dave McMullin
Stu Geisel
Tim Dragelin
Rob Ryan
Pete Gillin
Dave Earp
Mark Huneke
Mike Kain
Bob Gray
John Fraser
Paul Colistra

The Lodge

Heather Corrigan, a Plymouth State University Archivist major, decided to do a project on the history of the Camp Tecumseh Lodge. You will absolutely LOVE what you see – enjoy!

CT Legend Dr. Peter J. Jannetta’s Legacy

Dr. Peter J. Jannetta, a neurosurgeon who as a medical resident half a century ago developed an innovative procedure to relieve an especially devastating type of facial pain, died on Monday in Pittsburgh. He was 84.

The cause was complications from a brain injury suffered in a recent fall, said Susan Jannetta, his daughter.

Dr. Jannetta, a retired faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was considered one of the foremost neurosurgeons in the world.

A specialist in cranial nerve disorders, he was renowned in particular for having identified the minute culprit responsible for trigeminal neuralgia — a condition causing agonizing facial pain — and for developing a way to vanquish that culprit through microsurgery on the brain.

Click here for the full article.

NYC Alumni and Friends Happy Hour

NYC Alumni and Friends Happy Hour
Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room
986 Second Ave. New York, NY 10022
Thursday, May 19, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Join us for a night of camaraderie and friendship and get updated on what’s happening at Camp. New CT gear will be on sale! All alums, parents, and friends are welcome! 21+. Email Paul Colistra at pcolistra@camptecumseh.net to attend

Overnight Summer Camp for Boys | Camp Tecumseh

2016 Alumni Work Weekend – June 24-26

Click Here to learn more about Alumni Work Weekend!

2014-15 Annual Report and Glascott Tribute

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