March Madness Bracket Challenge

Welcome to the 1st Annual Camp Tecumseh NCAA Hoops Tourney pool!

The rules can be reviewed below and at the pool website (  A portion of the entry fee will go to support BLUE-GRAY Scholarship Fund. (see details at the bottom).

The more the merrier so please also forward on to as many friends, family, colleagues, that may (or may not) be interested.

The pool is up and running! Below are the relevant details but feel free to send me an email: with any questions.

Here’s the Information and Rules:

1) Pool Website Info:
Pool ID: CampTecumseh

2) You can have as many entries as you want but they all must be entered ONLINE by the tip-off of the first game, Thursday @ Noon EST, on March 16th. We don’t pick the play-in games.

3) The entry fee is $20 per entry – $10 goes to pool, $10 towards the BLUE-GRAY FUND.

4) Scoring System:
1st Round- 1pt
2nd Round- 2pts
3rd Round- 3pts
4th Round- 4pts
5th Round- 6pts
6th Round- 8pts
*We will not be picking the four entry games, just from the field of 64.

5) Tie Breaker is based on final game point totals.

6) Pay out is:
1st place – 20%
2nd Place – 15%
3rd Place – 10%
4th Place – 5%
50% of the the pool goes to the BLUE-GRAY FUND

Payment info:
All money is due by Thursday, March 16th – 12:00 PM EST – otherwise you will be deleted.
Enter your pool, and pay immediately via VENMO ( – there is no reason to wait so after you make your picks just make the payment, you’re on your computer anyhow!
*If you’ve never used Venmo, it’s simple, and this is a great time to learn.  Go to and set up an account.  Your venmo id is your email address.  Therefore, to pay for the pool, you will need to enter my email
*When you make the payment, there is a memo section where you can type a note. IN THAT SECTION WRITE – $20 – CAMP TECUMSEH –  After that there should be a comment section – in the comment write your name, the name of your pool(s) and phone number. This is very simple and easy, and minimizes the risk of your winning pool being deleted!

7) Have fun and good luck!

Brian McCloskey (Gray ’82-’86)